Monday, October 31, 2016

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Occupational Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common work-related injuries in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous levels of occupational noise each year. Workers most likely to be affected by hearing loss are those that work in the mining and

Friday, October 28, 2016

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Securing Cargo

If you have ever driven behind a truck carrying multiple cars or any other large cargo, it is easy to imagine the truck accidents and potential injuries that could occur if the cargo somehow came loose. Unfortunately, this happens all too often when a truck’s cargo is not properly secured. Statistics show that, out of

Maryland Train Accident Lawyers: Amtrak Derailment Case Settled

On May 12, 2015, a commuter train headed from Philadelphia to New York City derailed, injuring over 200 passengers and ending the lives of eight people. After a short trial, Amtrak, the victims and victims’ families approved the settlement. Amtrak will pay $265 million as a result of the deadly crash. Now that the Amtrak

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers: The Trick to a Safe Halloween

Whether you are a kid, or simply a kid at heart, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in a crazy costume, go trick-or-treating with friends, carve a spooky jack-o-lantern, and enjoy some of the treats you collected. Sometimes, in the excitement of it all, kids can focus too much on the treats and

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers: Pokémon GO Craze Threatens Public Safety

Pokémon GO is the latest location-based reality game, wherein players use their phone’s GPS to locate, capture, and train virtual creatures called Pokémon. The phenomenon has taken over as more and more people can be seen wandering the streets, malls, neighborhoods, and parks with their eyes glued to their phones. Unfortunately, users become so involved

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers: Volkswagen Settlement Case Reached

A historical precedent was made when a U.S. judge announced that the Volkswagen settlement case was reached. In a landmark victory and one of the largest involving a car manufacturer, Volkswagen must pay $14.7 billion to compensate for the diesel emissions scandal they perpetrated in September 2015. Volkswagen will use $10 billion to buy back faulty vehicles

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Loss of Body Part

Workplace injuries can range in severity from minor cuts and sprains to serious head and neck injuries. An example of one of the more serious injuries is the loss of a body part, like an amputated finger. In addition to the pain and discomfort of the injury itself, the individual may be unable to perform the same job duties as

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Loss of Body Part

Workplace injuries can range in severity from minor cuts and sprains to serious head and neck injuries. An example of one of the more serious injuries is the loss of a body part, like an amputated finger. In addition to the pain and discomfort of the injury itself, the individual may be unable to perform

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Choosing Your Own Doctor

Workers’ Compensation protects employees who have been injured while on the job. This generally includes things like medical expenses related to injuries, lost wages, medications, and physical therapy. While you might be tempted to seek out your own doctor for treatment, it is actually in your best interest to use your personal physician rather than

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers: Deer Season Causes Spike in Collisions

Summer is over, school is back in session, and the leaves are beginning to turn. It is also the mating season for deer, otherwise known as the rut. At this time, drivers should be particularly careful, especially when driving through less populated areas where there tend to be more deer. According to State Farm, the

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers: MVA Teen Driving Safety Initiative Starts

Teen driving safety ranks as a growing concern nationwide due to the increase in fatalities among teen drivers.  After noting a 75 percent increase from 2014 to 2015 in the state, the Maryland Vehicle Association (MVA) is committed to lowering the fatality rate.  They are introducing an initiative to parents and teens about driving safety

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyers: Steps Truck Drivers Can Take to Prevent Serious Accidents

Most truck accidents can be avoided if drivers take the proper precautions. Doing so can save thousands of dollars in damage, and prevent serious, sometimes fatal injuries from occurring. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, approximately 3,400 people lost their lives in truck accidents in 2010, an increase of eight percent from 2009.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyers: Claims for an “Invisible Condition”

When an employee is unable to work because of a physical injury like a broken bone, a chronic back condition, or a serious illness like cancer or multiple sclerosis, the condition is obvious. The injury can be seen, and the illness can be verified through medical tests. However, there are some conditions that can be

Monday, October 17, 2016

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Opioid Prescriptions at an All-Time High

Pain management is an issue that is garnering a lot of attention recently, as the problem of opioid addiction in our country continues to grow. Doctors prescribe these drugs in an effort to provide effective pain management for their patients. Unfortunately, many doctors prescribe more than what the patient really needs. According to the Centers

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Teen Driver Safety Week

Being involved in a car accident can be a very sobering moment for a teen driver. In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatality in teens between the ages of 15 and 19. In 2014 alone, 2,679 teen drivers were involved in fatal car accidents, and another 123,000 suffered serious

Monday, October 10, 2016

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Opioid Painkillers and Crash Risk in Seniors

Baltimore car accident lawyers caution seniors who are taking prescribed opioid painkillers to think twice before getting behind the wheel. According to a study conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, senior patients who drive a car shortly after taking a narcotic pain reliever are twice as likely to get into a serious car accident

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Risks for Seasonal Workers

Go into any major retailer and you will be reminded that the holidays are right around the corner. Halloween and fall-themed decorations are everywhere and there are even Christmas and Hanukkah decorations filling the shelves. For many Americans, this is a time to earn extra income doing seasonal work. Most of these jobs are in

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers: Increase in Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline parks seem to be popping up everywhere, with an average of five to six new parks opening each month. With this surge in popularity comes a new wave of injuries, from 581 in 2010 to 6,932 in 2014—which does not include home trampolines. While the American Academy of Pediatrics advise against the recreational use

Monday, October 3, 2016

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers Report on Digitized Trucking

Intelligent tracking technologies may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but trucking companies across the country are investing in it for its ability to provide shippers and carriers with improved methods of monitoring and managing their drivers, as well as the vehicles and the cargo that they are carrying. With features like

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Facts and Stats on Workplace Injuries

Workers in certain industries are more prone than others to become injured on the job. Construction workers, for example, face more potential dangers when they come to work than someone who works in an office. However, anyone can get injured at work, regardless of his or her job, and workplace injuries are becoming all too

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers Discuss Electronic Health Records

Many doctors and hospitals have adopted Electronic Health Records (EHR) in an effort to create more streamlined record keeping and improve legibility, compared to handwritten records. In addition, many believe that this technology has played a significant role in helping physicians achieve the trifecta of improved care, better population health, and reduced health care costs

Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers: When Rehab Hospitals Reverse Progress

When patients enter a rehabilitation facility, the last thing they expect is for their condition to worsen, or to develop a new condition altogether. Unfortunately, according to a recently published study, close to 30 percent of patients who entered rehabilitation facilities in the United States suffered a range of health issues as a result of

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Risks of Driving in the Fall

Fall is here, bringing cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and shorter days. As it starts to grow darker earlier, drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in a serious car accident. In fact, research conducted by the National Safety Council shows that traffic fatalities are three times greater at night. Baltimore car accident lawyers

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Knowing how and when to apply for Social Security benefits can be a confusing process, especially if a person is divorced. Clients often have questions about whether he or she is entitled to a portion of the ex-spouse’s benefits, and the best way to pursue collecting those benefits. Our Baltimore Social Security Disability lawyers share