Monday, January 4, 2016

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Safe Use of Space Heaters

As the cold of winter finally begins to settle in, many people are looking for low-cost heating methods for their home or office. When used properly, space heaters can be a great way to warm up cold or drafty areas without having to heat unused rooms, saving on energy costs. However, if a space heater is defective or used improperly, it can also be extremely dangerous. Common problems associated with the use of space heaters are: Fire Space heaters, whether portable or stationary, are the cause of roughly one-third of all winter house fires and 80% of home heating fire deaths. Burns – The coils inside space heaters become extremely hot, creating a risk of burn injury for anyone or anything that comes in contact with the unit, especially small children and pets. There is also a danger that the space heater will overheat and burn flooring or other nearby items such as bedding or drapery. Carbon monoxide poisoning – Some space heaters use fuel instead of electricity to operate. These

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