Friday, July 31, 2015

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Warn Drivers to Beware of Tire Blowout Season

Summer travel can take its toll on your vehicle’s tires. High temperatures, long distances and heavy loads can wear tires out more quickly, leading to tire failure or blowout. Blowout events are extremely dangerous. According to the NHTSA, flat tires and tire blowouts cause as many as 78,392 car crashes annually, resulting in more than 400 fatalities and 10,000 injuries. Several factors can make tires especially vulnerable in the summer months. Below are some causes of tire failure along with tips for keeping your tires safe when traveling this summer and throughout the year to avoid the risk of a car accident. Low Air Pressure Underinflation is a major cause of tire blowout. Lack of proper air pressure forces a tire to work harder than it’s built to. The tire’s internal components begin to bend and flex, causing the steel, fabric and rubber to become too hot. This, combined with high ambient temperatures, can cause the internal structure of the tire to break down rapidly, ultim

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