Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Nail Gun Accidents

Construction workers, particularly those in residential construction, rely on nail guns as an efficient way to increase their productivity at work. These extremely powerful tools are most commonly used in framing and sheathing, finishing, roofing, flooring and siding. Nail guns are capable of driving a nail into a piece of wood, stone, steel or concrete in seconds and with minimal effort. They also can be extremely dangerous without proper precaution. Common Workplace Injury Each year, an estimated 37,000 people visit the emergency room with a nail gun injury. More than two-thirds of these injuries occurred on the job. Nail guns are responsible for more construction worker hospitalizations than any other tool. A study of apprentice carpenters revealed how common it is to have a nail gun accident. The results of the study included: two out of five workers were injured while using a nail gun during their four years of training; one in five were injured twice; and one in 10 were injured

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