Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers: New Speed Restrictions in Maryland

A law allowing Maryland drivers to travel at a higher speed on Interstate 68 has gone into effect despite safety concerns. The law, which raises the top highway speed to 70 mph, was voted in by Maryland lawmakers earlier this year. The increase follows a review of highway conditions by the State Highway Administration. Maryland joins 22 other states with a 70 mph maximum speed limit, including neighbors Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Studies on the effects of raising speed limits provide conflicting results. Though the majority of research suggests that a boost in speed limit is associated with an increase in traffic wrecks, there are some studies that indicate the opposite is true. Proponents for higher speed limits argue that they reduce speed variance – a key factor in speed-related accidents. Studies show that the risk of having an accident increases dramatically on roads where some drivers are going 55 mph and others are driving 85 mph. Traffic engineers generally recommend sp

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