Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Maryland Birth Injury Lawyer: No-Fault Birth Injury Fund

For the second time in two years, the Maryland General Assembly will hear arguments in favor of creating a no-fault birth injury fund to help cover the costs of medical care for babies born with brain injuries. The idea of the fund is to allow more families to recover the assistance they need without having to prove that a medical mistake caused their baby’s injury. Those who are opposed to the fund claim it would prevent negligent doctors from being held accountable as well as restrict the amount of compensation families would receive. The fund would be modeled after similar no-fault funds currently in effect in Virginia and Florida. A Maryland task force, created by the state legislature, first introduced the idea last year but the bill fell flat amid concerns over financing. Hospitals would have had to pay $25 million into the fund – a figure based on actuary estimates that only around seven babies would qualify for benefits each year. Many argued that figure was far too low, a

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