Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Surgical Procedure Performed on Wrong Baby

When a new parent has a perfectly healthy baby in the hospital, it is normal for the baby to be taken away for routine tests, only to be brought back to the mother shortly after those tests have been completed. What is not expected is to have your baby returned to you, only to find out that a surgical procedure was performed on your newborn without any knowledge or approval from you. This is exactly what happened to a Tennessee mother recently, whose newborn son was operated on after doctors mistook him for another child. Doctors performed a procedure call a frenulectomy, which involves cutting the flap under the child’s tongue. If the skin under the tongue is too tight, it can cause complications with breast-feeding, other feeding issues and possible speech problems down the road. Unfortunately, this mother’s baby did not have any issues at all with is tongue, so when the nurse brought the baby back to her, telling the mother about the procedure that had just been done on her son

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