Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers: Vehicles with Open Safety Recalls

Carfax, the provider of used car history, reported recently that almost one in five vehicles on the road in the United States have open recalls, meaning they have safety issues that are serious enough to put them on the federal recall list. Out of the 258.5 million cars on the road, a staggering 47 million cars that are being driven on a regular basis are in need of repair. This problem is only worsening as the number of vehicles with open recalls has increased by 27 percent since last year. The Director of Communications at Carfax shared a particularly troubling statistic regarding the type of vehicle with the highest rate of unfixed safety issues. One out of every 4.6 mini-vans fall into this category, which is concerning since it is a popular vehicle for families with young children. SUVs came in a close second. Both of these vehicles tend to be popular family cars, putting the safety of young children in jeopardy. While it is easy to place the blame for failing to repair these saf

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