Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers: Who is Liable in Hit and Run Car Accidents?

When you get behind the wheel, you can do your best to control the way you drive, paying attention to speed limits and other traffic signs, making sure you are well rested, not using handheld devices while driving. What you cannot control is how other people drive or how they react if a wreck occurs. For example, most people would not drive away if they hit another vehicle, especially if there is the possibility that someone was hurt.  But in hit and run car accidents, that is exactly what happens and it can have severe legal consequences for the person who flees. All drivers have a responsibility to notify the authorities when there has been a car accident. In some cases, if the victim has been injured, the driver is expected to take him or her to the nearest medical facility. When both drivers are present, they must exchange insurance information so they can proceed with filing a claim. Civil Consequences In a hit and run civil injury lawsuit, the injured victim will likely recover

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