Monday, April 18, 2016

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers: Samsung Technology May Prevent Truck Accidents

Whether you are on a two-lane road or a busy highway, it can be frustrating driving behind a truck, as it can be difficult to see whether it is safe to pass or if there is traffic ahead. Samsung has developed a new technology that enables drivers to see what the truck driver sees. The “safety truck” has a wireless camera mounted on the grill that streams live video to four large screens on the back of the truck. Samsung tested the prototype in Argentina, which has some of the highest traffic accident rates in the world. According to Samsung, the prototype is no longer operational, but the concept has the potential to save lives. Samsung is currently working with safe-driving NGOs and the Argentinian government to conduct further testing and seek the appropriate approvals and permits. While Samsung is confident that their “safety truck” will prevent serious truck accidents, others feel that it is just another distraction that will take driver’s attention away from the road. S

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