Monday, November 9, 2015

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Third Party Liability Claims

If you are an employee in the state of Maryland and are hurt on the job, you are most likely covered by your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance. The advantage of Workers’ Compensation is that benefits are relatively predictable and you are not required to prove that your employer was at fault. However, in exchange for this, the system prevents you from suing your employer for injuries that arise from negligence. The unfortunate consequence of this is a total Workers’ Compensation award that is far below (sometimes less than half) of what you might receive if you were able to file a personal injury claim. This is because Workers’ Compensation does not account for many of the noneconomic damages that often make up a significant portion of a personal injury lawsuit. Workers’ Compensation covers all of your medical bills plus a percentage of your pay in the form of temporary or permanent disability. It will also pay for vocational rehabilitation in the event that your

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