Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Maryland Pedestrian Accident Lawyers: Parking Lot Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but the holiday shopping season is already in full swing. This year, millions of Americans will flock to local stores and shopping malls to pick out the perfect gift for loved ones. The holidays are a fun and exciting time, but they can also be hectic as shoppers rush from place to place to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, the stress of the holidays can become a major distraction for shoppers, both behind the wheel and on foot. Parking lots are dangerous places during this time of the year. The combination of frustrated drivers, over-excited children and distracted pedestrians can be a recipe for disaster. According to a study by AAA, the number of parking lot accidents involving pedestrians spikes every year with the holiday shopping season. Increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic is the main reason for the spike, but there are other contributing factors as well. Experts say that about 80% of pedestrian accidents in parking lots

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