Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Safe Use of Car Seats during Winter

Winter has officially begun, and if you are a parent, you want to know your little ones are protected from the elements. This typically involves bundling the kids up with heavy coats and scarves before going outside. However, the same coat that protects your child from the cold may also put him or her at an increased risk of serious injury in the event of a car accident. Puffy coats and snowsuits are bulky, so to make your child fit comfortably, you most likely have to loosen the straps on their car seat. It may appear that your child is strapped in snugly, but the straps are actually dangerously loose. In the event of a crash, the jacket material will compress, creating an unsafe space for your child’s body to move. Official crash tests out of Michigan illustrate the potential dangers of combining winter coats with car seats. Crash test video shows a child-sized dummy wearing a puffy winter coat and strapped into a car seat. The child appears to be secure, but at a simulated crash

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