Monday, December 21, 2015

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers: Police Training to Reduce Truck Accident Fatalities

Large commercial vehicles are involved in a disproportionate number of fatal wrecks. Due to their size, truck accidents are more likely to result in death and catastrophic injury than crashes involving smaller passenger vehicles. Sadly, the problem seems to be only getting worse. In 2012, truck crash fatalities rose by four percent from the previous year and injuries increased 18%. Though large heavy trucks and motor coaches represent just four percent of registered vehicles and nine percent of vehicle miles travelled, they are responsible for a staggering 12% of all fatal crashes. These statistics are a major concern for federal officials. Truck drivers are subject to a number of federally mandated rules and regulations regarding safe driving. Unfortunately, that is not enough to stop some truck drivers from performing illegal or unsafe acts behind the wheel such as speeding, distracted driving or following too closely. While research shows that highly visible traffic enforcement is

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