Monday, December 21, 2015

Maryland Product Liability Lawyers: Hoverboards and Reports of Fires

Hoverboards are one of this season’s most sought after gifts, but they may be increasingly harder to find and for good reason. Besides their propensity for causing scraped knees and broken wrists, hoverboards are now being cited for starting major house fires. As a precaution, has announced that they will no longer sell the popular gadgets and Amazon will sell only a select few hoverboards on their site. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating at least ten reports of fires related to hoverboards, including one that happened in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The incident occurred last month when a hoverboard that was plugged into a bedroom outlet to charge caught fire. The flaming scooter then rolled towards the bed where it ignited the bedding and mattress. A similar incident took place in Louisiana, where a house was completely destroyed in a fire started by a charging hoverboard. While some of the reported fires started while the hoverboard was plu

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