Monday, September 28, 2015

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Chemical Commonly Found in Paint Stripper Dangerous

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue new rules regarding a widely used chemical that can trigger sudden death in those who have been exposed. Methylene chloride, also called dichloromethane, is a volatile, colorless liquid commonly used in paint stripping, but is also used in various industries including pharmaceutical manufacturing, paint remover manufacturing, metal cleaning and degreasing and carpet cleaning and gluing. The chemical has been under scrutiny for decades for its cancer causing risks, but safety advocates now say that more needs to be done to protect people from another known hazard – sudden death. When inhaled, methylene chloride turns into carbon monoxide in the body, which in turn can starve the heart of oxygen and trigger a heart attack. The chemical can also act as a powerful anesthetic at high doses, causing the victim to stop breathing and eventually suffer brain damage or brain death. A recent investigation conducted by the Center for Publ

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