Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maryland Birth Injury Lawyers | Birth Defect vs. Birth Injury

Birth injuries happen when something goes wrong shortly before, during or after the delivery process. Many birth injuries are minor and heal on their own, but others can cause lifelong health problems. One of the most dangerous birth injuries is hypoxia, which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain and can lead to cerebral palsy, permanent brain injury and cognitive and motor deficiencies. Birth injuries can be the result of any number of medical mistakes made by doctors or hospital staff. Common causes of birth injuries include delayed birth, improper monitoring, excessive use of force during delivery and misuse of instruments during delivery. Defining Birth Defect According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost one in every 33 babies is born with a birth defect, some of which are serious enough to cause lifelong health complications. The biggest difference between a birth injury and a birth defect is the time that they occur. Unlike birth injuries that happen during the lab

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