Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Deadly Defect in Keyless Ignition Systems

Ten of the world’s largest automakers are being sued over claims that the companies concealed a deadly defect in their keyless ignitions, leading to least 13 deaths and many more injuries. The lawsuit claims that the defect allows drivers to unknowingly leave their cars running inside enclosed garages, creating a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. More than five million vehicles are equipped with keyless ignitions. The device lets drivers start their vehicle by pushing an on/off button instead of inserting a key. The vehicle will only start if it senses that the electronic key fob is nearby. The driver pushes the same button to turn the vehicle off. The danger of keyless ignitions lies in a design defect that allows the engines to continue running, even after the driver and the key fob have left the vicinity of the vehicle. A driver may mistakenly believe that the car has shut off, when it in fact has not. This is especially common in cars that have quiet, smooth running engines; an

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