Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers: New Drug Screening Method

This fall, Congress will hear arguments regarding a new bill that will change the way many trucking companies screen drivers for drug use. The bill, named the Drug Free Commercial Driver Act, would direct the Department of Transportation, along with the Department of Health and Human Services, to issue regulations that would allow motor carriers to use hair follicle testing as an alternative to urinalysis to screen drivers for substance abuse. The tests would be used in pre-employment screening and random testing programs. The Act has the support of American Trucking Association (ATA) officials, who contend that hair testing is both more accurate and harder to beat than urinalysis. Additionally, hair follicle tests are able to detect drug use over a 90-day period, compared to only several days with a urine test.    Many of the largest trucking companies already use hair follicle drug testing to screen job applicants. However, because the method is currently not recognized by the Dep

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