Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Maryland Accident Lawyers: Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A fatal pedestrian accident in Philadelphia involving a taxi cab claimed the lives of a young man and woman visiting the city in celebration of Labor Day. The accident happened early Monday morning at a major intersection in Center City, Philadelphia. The victims were crossing the street when the taxi struck them, sending them both flying nearly 100 feet before they landed on the pavement. The woman, a 25 year-old from Phoenixville, PA, was pronounced dead at the scene. The male victim, a 25 year-old from Baltimore, Maryland, was rushed after the crash to a hospital one block away where doctors were unable to revive him. An investigation has been launched into what caused the deadly crash. Witnesses report that traffic was very light at the time the two were struck. Reportedly, the driver of the cab had the green light but appeared to be travelling around 50 mph, double the posted speed limit for the area. The windshield of the taxi sustained heavy damage and the driver, who stopped a

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